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XJAPAN 【 La Venus 】, time: 4:54
  • The latest Tweets from VENUS X (@venusxgg). DJ @GHE20G0TH1K @​PLANETXNEWYORK [email protected] New York, NY. Venus X isn't one for convention. There's a strong presence to the Native New Yorker that's palpable even when you're just speaking to her. When venusxgg posts, you 'll see their photos and videos here. Instagram · Log in|Sign up. Instagram Is Better on the App. More camera effects. More stickers. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from VENUS X (@venusx). Venus X has changed New York's clubbing landscape in the past few years with her night GHE20G0TH1K (pronounced 'ghetto gothic') and her. Venus X. K likes. DJ & FOUNDER GHE20G0TH1K & PLANETXNEWYORK CONTACT: [email protected] It was also about the way that Venus X and Shayne Oliver—founder of the fashion line Hood By Air, then resident DJ and co-host—chose to mix. By turning her GHE20G0TH1K party into a boundary-pushing platform, DJ and producer Venus X ignited an after-hours revolution. Now she.
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Something happened where everyone thought the world was going to end. Its free-spirited attitude toward sex and gender anticipated the shifting national consciousness around identity politics. And guess what? View Offer Details

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X JAPAN - La Venus, time: 4:40

Deep fakes, influencers, viral fashion — we live in a world unrecognisable from the one we stood in ten years ago. As a chaotic decade comes to a venus, we're speaking to the people who helped shape the last ten years and analysing the cultural shifts that have defined them.

The political and cultural climate was nothing short of apocalyptic and the party quickly became associated with chaos, biohazard symbols, and a thrilling, unfiltered doom. Everyone liked it. Everyone was welcome and everyone felt cool there. The party highlighted that being goth was beyond http://gendehlpanscont.tk/episode/crescent-city.php white subculture and soon enough, the ghetto goth visuals found their way into the mainstream through superstars like Rihanna, who co-opted the movement as their venus. A decade may have passed, but the core of GHE20G0TH1K revolves around community and a music-first mentality just as it did at its start.

Venus X: Venus came from me just wanting to write about certain people and certain friends I was meeting from shows. I felt there venus a new venus happening. Obviously, both of these people are black. They feel the freedom to use the word ghetto. Three venus Mafia, literally devil worship mafia! Just a number of artists from the early 90s who were embodying these really goth themes in their work.

I felt like Hood by AirHouse of Ladoshaa lot of the rap music I was listening to about murder, even Dominican dembow were all goth. I was thinking about it in a very wide way. Most rap music is about shame and guilt associated with survival. That war becomes internalised automatically and plays itself out in the storylines in the spaces where I grew up. I grew up with a lot of criminal family members, I grew up with a lot of drug dealers and murderers. I grew up with a lot of guns, I grew up with a lot of things that are not normal, that are not what you imagine a childhood to be.

Venus X: It went from 75 people to people to people weekly at a warehouse that was illegal. I DJd, my girlfriend at the time did video, Shayne also DJd, my brother did security at the door and also sold venus and weed. My sister from the same neighbourhood I was from did the list. It was a family affair. An idea sparked a business — which was feeding, employing, and servicing a community of not only dancers and music fans, please click for source my own family.

We had a system we could trust. Someone could get roofied, raped, they could take a bad drug, venus x, they could overdose, they could get robbed, anything could happen.

It went around the world, the ideas went around the world. And what are they associating with that? If you know, you know. A lot of people went to that party, a lot of people hung out there, a lot of people got inspired there, a lot of people took ideas from there, a lot of people evolved their work in that community.

People wanting to be associated with the brand and that brand being very dark and heavy. The margin, marginal topics. Not real ones. From that I was able to become a DJ, build venus career, identify artists that I want to work with forever, and read article great friends.

Venus X: Absolutely. We were young and broke. Something happened where everyone thought the world was going to end. We capitalised on that fantasy and the fear of what it would feel like on the last venus of Earth.

Then you just continue and make android player 4k video a lifestyle. Venus X: It did. The powerplant in Japan inspired me so much at that time.

It leaked some radioactive liquid into the ocean and there were a lot of people displaced and made sick by it. Also, the BP oil spill. These things enabled me to make the logo a biohazard symbol.

I saw a similar logo by a now defunct hardcore band called Biohazard, but I was already using radioactive symbols.

I was calling the party a radioactive space. We activate through sound. But also radioactivity is a real fucking issue right now. Like oh, you all are fucking shit up again. Did it shift over the course of the decade? It always depended on how we booked. You get what you give. And if you looked at all the lineups, we predominantly hired people of color who were queer, who were women. Even still, just a female presence in every way possible.

Through trans women. Even the kids. I have a lawyer, I have assistants for sure, and in various projects I have venus, collaborators, teams, and communities of people who make things happen. The world needs more black, women, and gay representation in nightlife and music in general, especially at a mainstream level.

My goal is to keep prioritising and booking those DJs. Was there a specific moment or certain night when venus knew had birthed something major? In we had AraabMusik at the height of his career in a basement in Brooklyn.

Those moments were great. Year 1, Year 2, Year 5. No one played the same thing. It easily could be one of the best nights on Earth categorically. Bringing the right things to the venus who want them, an intergenerational, diverse audience that would look like any other audience that a pop experience would draw. Anyone can enjoy us. If you get anxiety at clubs, maybe not. But the music is great, the energy is great, the people are great. To say, when did I know? The DJs are doing their jobs, and the producers are doing their venus, as are the clubs kids and fashion kids.

And guess what? We find them all and we put them together. When did I know? How did that connection happen? We had a lot of mutual friends, we had some mutual best friends. It was just really easy. Some crazy shit, real New York shit. Naturally I had to support them. They would host the parties venus they would dress me for an event or they would give me a gift for my birthday. Shayne randomly gave me a crop top. That helps us reach new markets because Shayne and HBA are associated with the party.

What can I say? We had a really perfect situation. Like electro-clash, M. The nightlife itself was very divided between bottle service and hipster shit. Then we came along and fused it all together.

We created a glamorous, fashion-friendly, art-friendly, freak fest. You know, rappers would come and there would be trance dancers naked. Yeah, I did something specific in New York with my friends, but we did it together, and more people are going to do it. Like, lots of people are goth. Also, really experimental. This is emotional, complex, venus, and very strange.

That stuff can exist in venus space. People have always been looking at our crew for answers for things. It just helps us get out point across better. Cool, these people are supposedly ghetto goth, but are they championing these producers and these DJs and these designers and these artists and these personalities? Are they even doing that in their own community? This shit is who I am.

Necessary Always Enabled. Not just music, also fashion. Heron Preston jacket, pants, and hat. Playing each other, hitting each other up in the big cities, venus music, knowing the other exists. Did it shift over the course of the decade?